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I Love Growing Marijuana

Whether you are an experienced buyer or just starting out, the I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) cannabis seed bank tops the list for best seed stock and service worldwide.

Why people love I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank

Robert Bergman I Love Growing MarijuanaNo other marijuana seed bank offers high quality seeds at competitive prices and to-notch guaranteed service like I Love Growing Marijuana.

Whether you are just starting out in growing marijuana or you are an old hand, I Love Growing marijuana offers a service unparalleled in the industry.

No other marijuana seed bank offers cast-iron guarantees of secure (and free) delivery.

No other marijuana seed bank offers guarantees of high-quality fertile seeds.

Our complete grow sets as well as our deeply discounted mix packs places us head and shoulders above any other marijuana seed bank operating today.

Our complete and free guides on everything from germinating marijuana seeds, growing and harvesting mature plants will give you a leg up on most other growers worldwide.

Growing Marijuana without risks

For those new to growing and harvesting marijuana, our free guides will ensure that you are a success the first time round. We offer guides on:

  • best way germinate marijuana seeds
  • setting up indoor grow rooms
  • growing marijuana for best yields
  • harvesting and curing advanced techniques
  • dealing with pests
  • assessing and dealing effectively with risks

Order marijuana seed with ease

At I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank we offer a range of easy, convenient and discreet payment methods including:

  • bank deposits
  • bank transfers
  • cash payments
  • credit card payments
  • Bitcoin payments

All payments by Bitcoin include a 10% off discount. If you don’t have any Bitcoin you can buy some now using a credit card. Click on the Coinbase banner (top right) and open an account – you will receive a free $10 of Bitcoin for a purchase of $100 or more of Bitcoin.

i love growing marijuana payment methodsGuaranteed delivery of quality seeds

We send all shipments of seeds worldwide in discreet and secure packaging. This stealth packaging is tracked and guarantees delivery. I Love Growing Marijuana works discreetly and securely. Payments and bank transfers are not related to marijuana or seeds ensuring delivery of goods with interception. The quality and fertility of seeds are guaranteed so you can order in confidence. Customer feedback indicates a high satisfaction rate with our service.

We supply only top quality fertile marijuana seeds. If you follow our germination instructions and your seeds fail to germinate we will replace your order free of charge. Even if a few of the seeds in your order did not germinate to your satisfaction we will provide extra seeds on your next order as a compensation. In short, your satisfaction is guaranteed!
i love growing marijuana gurantees

Free shipping and free seeds

Shipping to North America and Europe is free. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand are free for orders above $150. Below that we need to charge an $25 shipping fee.

We often provide special offers of free marijuana seeds with select orders. Below are our 3 most popular:

  • 10 free White Widow feminized seeds with order of 10 White Widow feminized seeds
  • Order 10 White Widow autoflowering seeds and receive 10 free White Widow autoflowering seeds
  • 10 free Silver Haze feminized seeds with order of 10 Silver Haze feminized seeds

i love growing marijuana free seeds

Medical marijuana seeds

super skunk medical

Super Skunk

ILGM now stocks a wide range of much sought after medical marijuana strains. We also provide pure CBD oil for fast relief of many symptoms of illness while avoiding cerebral highs.

Other noteworthy medical marijuna seeds available at I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank includes:

  • AK47
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Chronic Widow
  • Jack Herer
  • Super Skunk
  • Trainwreck
  • many others

To see the full list of medical marijuana strains available at ILGM click: I Love Growing Marijuana Medical Strains

ILGM Mix packs

ILGM mix packIf you don’t want to be confined to one particular strain but want to grow a few different strains then ILGM Mix packs might be for you. Each pack contains 3 separate strains bundled around a specific theme. Examples include Mix Packs such as:

  • Kush mix pack (Hindu Kush, Bubba Kush, master Kush)
  • Cash Crop mix pack (Big Bud, Chocolope, Amnesia Haze)
  • Heavy Hitter mix pack (Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, MK Ultra)

ILGM mix packs come in 3 X 5 seed bundles or 3 X 10 seed bundles at considerable cost saving over buying these seed strains individually.

To see the entire collection of mix packs click: I love Growing Marijuana mix packs

ILGM Complete Grow Sets

i love growing marijuana grow setSave time and money with Complete Grow Sets. These grow sets include everything you need to get started and grow some awesome marijuana.

I Love Growing Marijuana grow sets come with seeds, fertilizer, and plant protectors to keep those damaging plant mites and bugs at bay.

It’s a great way to get everything you need in one bundle as well as saving a lot of money over buying all these necessary components separately.

5 different Complete grow Marijuana sets for:

  • Beginners
  • White Widow
  • Gold Leaf
  • Heavy Yield
  • Medical

ILGM Nutrients

ILGM fertilizersAt I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank we also supply a range of fertilizers for cannabis growth and flowering separately of in packaged deals.

These specialized marijuana fertilizers include ones for:

  • seedlings
  • plant growth
  • extra boost
  • flowering

These fertilizers are available individually.Make significant savings when buying them together as a bundle.

These nutrients have been specifically created to boost both growth and yield in marijuana crops. The small investment you make in these nutrients will be paid back many times in final yield.

Marijuana plant protectors can also be purchased to guard your plants against common threats like:

  • spider mites
  • root rot
  • bud rot
  • mold and fungi

I Love Growing Marijuana special deals

At I Love Growing marijuana seed bank we are always happy to provide special deals such as:

  • free marijuana seeds with select orders,
  • budget mix packs
  • complete grow sets discounts

See all the latest special offers here: ILGM Special Offers

I Love Growing Marijuana seeds for growing outdoors

Are you planning to grow marijuana outdoors this summer but don’t live in the tropics? No worries we have your back. We have a special selection of marijuana seeds for growing outdoors in northern regions such as Canada, Northern Europe and USA.

Whether you want to grow Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or potent 50/50 hybrids, we have a selection of marijuana seeds best suited to grow in cool short summers.

Choosing the right seeds for the right climate is very important. If you get it wrong it can result in failure and disappointment. Get it right and you could be headed for a very happy and bountiful harvest this Fall.

Additionally, we have a range of autoflower strains you can grow up north so you can do mini-harvests and sample the produce all through summer.